Greek Paraphernalia

Welcome to Greek Paraphernalia’s website. Our site is dedicated to connecting the greek life to the Greek Paraphernalia that we all want and need to show our colors.

Greek Paraphernalia definition:

Ok so it this is not Greek, like the Greek people. This greek, as in the fraternity and

Greek Paraphernalia - Fraternity HoodieFraternity Hoodie

sorority life on the campuses our great universities.

So when defining paraphernalia, not so defines the word paraphernalia “most commonly refers to apparatus, equipment, or furnishing used in or necessary for a particular activity”

To define Greek Paraphernalia, one would say the necessary activity is greek life and the furnishings are anything they would use. For example, t-shirts, caps, visors, polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc…

The Greek Paraphernalia Mission:

Greek Paraphernalia is dedicated to providing you products and services for all the fraternity and sorority organizations across the country.

Greek Caps, Fraternity Caps, and Sorority Visors
Classic greek paraphernalia would have to be proudly displaying the fraternity or sorority logo on a Cap or visor. Then again there are the classic non specific greek hat for all fraternities.

Greek Hats - Fraternity and Sorority Arch Hat
Greek Hats - Rhinestone Sorority Visor
Greek Hat - Fraternity Bottom Line Hat

All styles available in every Fraternity and Sorority. See more greek caps and Visors

Greek Apparel
Fraternity and Sorority members proudly wear a wide variety of Greek apparel. Greek T-shirts, Greek sweatshirts, greek hoodies, greek letter shirts, and your basic greek paraphernalia t-shirts. Here are some examples:

Greek Paraphernalia - Fraternity Long Sleeve Greek Paraphernalia - Kappa Delta Greek Apparel Greek Paraphernalia - Fraternity T-shirt

All styles available in every Fraternity and Sorority. See more greek apparel

Greek Paddles … Fraternity Paddles
The perfect Fraternity & Sorority gift item for pledges. Honor your Big Brother and Little Brother and even your or Big Sister and Little Sister with a traditional Greek paddle.

Greek Paraphernalia - Fraternity Paddles Greek Paraphernalia - Fraternity Paddle Greek Paraphernalia - Fraternity Paddles

All styles available in every Fraternity and Sorority.  See more greek fraternity and sorority paddles

Greek Paraphernalia
The true Fraternity & Sorority member will have lots of paraphernalia for their frat or sorority. There are more items than we can show here. There are greek jewelry, Greek Letter banners, greek flip flops, greek footwear, and many more greek gifts. Here are a few examples and more on these pages.

Greek Paraphernalia - GREEK SILVER LAVALIER DROP Greek Paraphernalia - Letter Banner Greek Paraphernalia - Sorority Flip Flops

All styles available in every Fraternity and Sorority.  There a lot more different Greek Paraphernalia. See more greek Paraphernalia Gifts here.